“Verliebt is… a love story even before its beginning”

Alessia Borrelli


Born and raised in Puglia, Alessia Borrelli understood as a child that her purpose in life was to dedicate herself to creating wedding dresses. After completing the Fashion & Design Academy in Bari and gaining her first experiences in Apulian ateliers, she moved to South Tyrol, where she began working in the world of Dirndl and Tyrolean costumes and was conquered by the timeless beauty and elegance of those dresses, bearers of so much history, which became the inspiration she was looking for.

She therefore decides to combine her deep passion for wedding dresses with the charm of the Tyrolean tradition in a perfect and original combination and in 2024 she founds Verliebt, her first bridalwear brand.


“Verliebt” in german means “in love” and is supposed to represent many values.

It is that lifelong love that the designer has felt since she was a child and that she still feels today when designing wedding dresses and it is the same feeling that she still feels every time she returns to her “second home”, the land that allowed her to realize her dream. But “verliebt” is also that feeling that every bride feels when she finds the right dress and when she finally feels complete and ready for the wedding, more precisely “in love” and confident.



Verliebt thus combines the Tyrolean tradition with the Italian experience, giving life to innovative and contemporary collections, characterized by a timeless and ageless style, romantic and lively, spontaneous and dreamy. Each dress is a shocking hybrid, transformable with just a few accessories from a perfectly classic look to a modern Dirndl and entirely customizable according to the bride’s tastes or needs, for a surprise effect that will leave everyone speechless.

Whether you are a Dirndl lover looking for sophistication and innovation or a more traditional bride dreaming of a “white” wedding with a look at the historic charm, we have created a dress designed especially for each of you.


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